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Artist Silk Screen Supplies

We manufacture high quality silk screen printing equipment designed especially for the smaller scale printer. Our aim is to provide equipment that brings silk screen printing within the reach of a much wider range of users.

Silk Screen Printing Equipment - Artist Silk Screen Supplies

Silk screen printing is a hugely versatile technique that is relatively simple and very inexpensive when compared to other printing methods. It brings the possibility of high quality printing onto a wide variety of materials or objects, all within the reach of even the smallest workshop or home based printers. The beauty of silk screen printing is that it can be used to produce anything from near photographic quality images to coverage of large areas with strong even, opaque colour or even for applying varnish or glue etc. It is ideal for printing on to fabrics, plastics, paper & card, wood, metal, in fact just about anything, and the ability to produce anything from one print to several thousands makes it perfect for limited editions.

Introducing the NEW...

SERL400 Rail Lamp silk screen exposure lamp system from Artist Screen Supplies

A scalable modular solution for exposing silk screen process screens.
A wide range of screen sizes can be exposed, including very large screens, due to the fully adjustable and expandable design.

The SERL400 Silk Screen Exposure Rail Lamp unit now makes the process of exposing artwork onto screens easier and more affordable than ever.

The SERL400 utilises the same tried and tested lighting technology as our popular ASSEL500X2. With this new system any size screen can be exposed, from the smallest to the very largest. The SERL400 is particularly suited to exposing even very long screens (as used by fabric and wallpaper designers) as well as the large variety of screens used by artists and small businesses etc.

This system allows you to move lights along a strong rail and fix them in any position. You can add more or fewer lights as needed. Rails can be joined together to form very long exposure areas or rails can be added in parallel to create wider exposure areas.

With this system you only buy what you need and can add more rails, lights and accessories as needed. The SERL400 is designed so that it fits within your work environment, you can choose whether to suspend the rail lamp from above, support it from below, or even fix it vertically, whichever works best for you.

A basic setup (as pictured above) actually works out cheaper than our top-selling ASSEL500X2 and can even expose bigger screens! More details.

ASSEL500X2 Silk Screen Printing Exposure Lamp - Artist Silk Screen Supplies

ASSEL500X2 - Silk Screen Exposure Lamp unit 1000w Halogen twin light. Complete with switch, non-reflective base board and foam block.

Silk Screen Printing Boards - Artist Silk Screen Supplies

Fully adjustable and low-cost printing boards with clamp. High quality steel and aluminium construction. Variety of sizes available.

We specifically cater for the needs of artists, T-shirt printers, greetings cards printers, textile designers, potters (for decal printing) and small businesses. Businesses can save costs and have a much more flexible prototyping system by printing their own advertising and promotional material as well as printing their own products and packaging (such as boxes, blister-pack cards etc.). Silk screen printing can even be utilised to produce high quality colour book covers for small publishers and self-publishers.

Silk Screen Printing frame stretcher clamps - Artist Silk Screen Supplies

MMSC25X25 - Manual screen mesh stretching collet. Use in pairs to stretch mesh onto your own frames. 25 cm jaws.


Silk Screen Printing frame clamps - Artist Silk Screen Supplies on_sale_bk_65h

High quality screen clamps with adjustable counterbalance. To build your own printing boards. Allows massive flexibility in possible sizes of screen to meet the varied needs of artists.

We believe that silk screen printing should be available to everyone. Our policy is to use nontechnical language wherever possible when describing silk screen printing methods, products and materials. We aim to introduce a wider range of silk screen printing products over the coming months, including more innovative equipment developments and eventually a complete range of equipment and materials. Artist Silk Screen Supplies developed the first commercially produced exposure lamp unit, the ASSEL500X2, which utilises safe halogen lights rather than the much more costly and dangerous alternatives.

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