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Silk Screen Printing Exposure Lamp unit - 1000W Halogen

Silk Screen Printing Exposure Lamp unit designed especially for the smaller volume silk screen printer.

New Upgraded Model!

  • Now with 50% longer lead (3m)
  • Metallic blue fully anodised frame
  • All wiring terminals now fully crimped
  • Sleeved suspension bolts as standard
  • Free sheet of A2 black backing paper
  • Bulbs included free.
  • Even tougher high impact plug
  • Fully CE marked

This silk screen printing exposure lamp unit is used to expose sensitised photo-emulsion coated silk screens (silk, nylon or polyester etc.) and photo-sensitive films, that are normally exposed using UV sources. The unit comprises of two 500 watt Tungsten Halogen lights mounted on a high quality aluminium frame with a large non-reflective base board. A generous size block of foam is also included for placing below the screens.

Designed for studio users including artists, T-Shirt printers, potters (decal printing), card makers, small businesses and printers etc. It is ideal for smaller screens, for exposing 'positive' artwork produced on A4 or A3 size acetate sheets using a home computer printer (laser or inkjet). It’s also big enough to accomodate a fairly large silk screen frame size of up to 29" x 24" (the 29" is maximum distance between the upright bars but the 24" can be extended beyond the edge of the base board so long as the actual artwork area remains on the base board.).

Supplied ready for use, all that you need to start exposing your screens is a sheet of glass to cover your acetate artwork sheets. The sheet of glass should have smooth rounded corners to protect the silk screen. You will be able to obtain this from a local glass supplier at very modest cost (we don't supply the glass because of the high risk of breakage in transit).

Full instructions for use included. Easy assembly - supplied 90% assembled in box.

Includes a non-reflective matt black base board and a full size foam block for screen support.

Bulbs included and already fitted.

Bulbs are long lasting (up to 2000 hours), robust, are very economical and easy to fit.

The light emitted is safe for human exposure so does not need enclosing.

Fitted with a switch and 3 metres of industrial grade 'arctic' cable.

Supplied with a 5 Amp fused black Tough 3 pin plug. Unit is 240v. (We can supply unit with 110v bulbs for non-UK power supplies).

Mounted on 6 quality non-slip rubber feet.

Strong aluminium frame is now fully anodised in metallic blue for tougher surface and attractive finish. Lightweight, therefore easy to move and will not rust.

Delivered in a strong custom made box for safe delivery.

1 Year Guarantee (not including bulbs, fuses or fair wear and tear). Refund, repair or replacement at manufacturers discretion.

ASSEL500X2 Silk Screen Printing Exposure Unit - Artist Screen Supplies
ASSEL500X2 Silk Screen Printing Exposure Unit with board - Artist Screen Supplies
ASSEL500X2 Silk Screen Printing Exposure Lamp Unit - Artist Silk Screen Supplies

All buyers outside mainland UK please contact us for a postage quote. The price shown includes delivery within the UK only.

(168.00 + UK delivery 17.00 = 185.00 Total cost)

185.00 each

Silk screen exposure lamp badge.

Our Silk Screen Printing Exposure Lamp unit has many advantages
over traditional exposure lamps

  • Less bulky because it does not need an enclosure box
  • Designed for the small business, home user, artist or desktop publisher / printer. Ideal size for A3 or A4 artwork printed on computer inkjet or laser printers on clear acetate sheets (larger sizes possible too).
  • Extremely cheap in comparison to the alternatives of Mercury vapour lamps, carbon arc lamps, UV or Metal Halide lamps.
  • The light emitted from this exposure lamp is safe - it does NOT produce harmful levels of UV radiation and so does not need to be shielded. We supply our exposure lamp units to schools, colleges and Universities.
  • And although it may seam obvious, yes, our unit does work! We have sold a large number of these units all around the world and have received huge amounts of glowing feedback regarding how easy they are to use and the high quality sharp results that can be achieved. They work so well that our concept has been copied over and over again by our competitors, which we accept as the highest praise!
How silk screen exposure lamp works.

Any Questions? try here:
Exposure lamp FAQ (coming soon)
ASSEL500X2 Exposure Lamp Instruction Manual (348 KB pdf file)


Silk Screen Exposure lamp bulbs

500W Tungsten - Halogen bulbs.
Up to 2000 hours life. To fit the ASSEL500X2 or the SERL400 exposure lamp systems. 240v.

8.00 pair

Silk Screen Exposure lamp bulbs

400W Tungsten - Halogen bulbs.
Up to 2000 hours life. To fit the ASSEL500X2 or the SERL400 exposure lamp systems. 240v.

4.00 pair

NOTE: You can use either 400w or 500w bulbs with both the ASSEL500X2 and the SERL400. But DO NOT MIX 400w and 500w bulbs on same unit.
400w Bulbs will give slightly slower exposures but will use much less energy and will not get as hot as 500w bulbs.

We can supply any spare part for our exposure lamps, please enquire if you need any replacement parts.

We can also supply additional foam blocks cut to smaller sizes if required.

If you would like to buy an ASSEL500X2 exposure lamp unit with a longer lead please contact us with your request before purchasing to check availabilty. Price for longer leads is plus 1.65 per additional metre (standard length supplied is now 3m).

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